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Focus on building features & solutions

Spurwing provides you the tools and resources so you can focus on what matters most. Stop reinventing the wheel when it comes to Scheduling, Booking & Calendaring.

scheduling api for building features
Tech & Software

Everything on a plate

We provide you with all the necessary tools so you can build almost any kind of feature or solution on top of our API.


Use Spurwing as a centralized calendar, enable two-way syncs with all of your external calendars with ease.


Easily automate and integrate scheduling in your website, app and other pipelines.


Dozens of advanced and granular settings to configure and orchestrate the entire scheduling experience.


Built-in Customer Relationship Management platform to keep track of all clients, their appointments and metadata.


Multiple calendars for all your team members under one umbrella, each with its own settings and schedules.


Have a full insight over all schedules and bookings in your entire organisation from a single dashboard.

Tech & Software

Mitigate Development Risk while saving time and money

  • Access to free & open-source Marketplace with done-for-you SDKs, solutions, integrations, demos & example codes
  • Spurwing API dashboard with dozens of settings and full admin management access
  • Organizational-level access with calendars for multiple members
  • Easy two-way calendar syncs with multiple calendars and providers
  • HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant
  • SOC/2 Certified & GDPR compliant
Tech & Software

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