Recruitment & Staffing

Make your hiring great

Enhance your existing Application Tracking System with Spurwing's Scheduling and Booking solutions. An enhanced user experience like none other.

scheduling api for hr and recruitment
Recruitment & Staffing

Scale without Compromise

Build a highly efficient workflow for (re-)scheduling and canceling, following up and organizing group interviews.


No more overlapping events. Integrate and Synchronize all your team's calendars and third-party tools with just a few clicks.

Follow up

 Automate reminders, follow-up messages and incorporate notifications to stay ahead of the game.


Develop a world-class hiring process & experience for your clients. Make sure no person ever gets lost or neglected.


Integrate all video call tools so you'll never struggle with finding the right link again. All types are supported, from Zoom to Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.


Hiring is all about that first impression, there are no do-overs. Use Spurwing's resources to build the best experience.


Automatically track outcomes including participation rates, attendance/no-show rates, engagement, and more.

Recruitment & Staffing

Onboarding made easy

  • Spurwing will help save countless of weeks, or even months, of development efforts. Let your engineers focus on more important features.
  • Advanced management dashboard with dozens of settings
  • Enterprise-ready scheduling API for easy development
  • HIPAA, SOC/2 and GDPR Compliant
  • Complete White-Label solutions and features
  • Easy Remote & International operations, we take care of Time Zones and Daylight Savings
  • Custom, Flexibile Pay-as-you-Go plans
  • Multiple calendars for all team members
  • Two-way calendar sync with third party providers
scheduling api for interviewing
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