Enhancing Academic Efficiency

Build and integrate custom scheduling and booking solutions for educational programs and organizations at scale.

scheduling api for universities

Punctuality matters

As Teachers and Trainers deal with large number of students, requests and demands,
it's important to provide an easy and reliable framework to work with.


Fully integrated calendaring and scheduling features for classes, classrooms, 1-on-1 student appointments and more


Large instituations benefit from our Organizational-level system to provide dedicated calendars to all members


Organizational Efficiency starts with reliable collaboration tools with scheduling capabilities

Remote Friendly

Integrate remote working tools such as Slack, Discord, Zoom and others in side all the scheduling & communications.


Easily schedule single and group appointments out of the box, with all the related metadata such as location, medium, etc.


Our management tools give admins an entire overview and deep insights into every event and process


Do what is necessary, since everthing is possible

  • Fully customizable booking, scheduling and calendaring workflows
  • Highly detailed and granular management settings
  • We are the white-label backbone for your organization
  • Guarantee top privacy and security to your users
  • High flexibility for complex requirements and processes
  • Automated Scaling & Availability Ideal for institutions of any size
scheduling api for academia and education

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