E-Commerce & Retail

Let customers love you

Buying products online is highly influenced by the buying experience, and not solely the product quality or its features.

scheduling api for ecommerce
E-Commerce & Retail

Scheduling for Online Marketplaces

Make a great impression by being highly supportive and helpful to your (potential) buyers.


Allow customers to easily and effortlessly schedule chat or call sessions with your customer support team

Chat Bots

Integrate scheduling and booking capabilities right into your (embedded) chat bot systems like Intercom, Amazon Lex, Skype, WhatsApp and others


Provide live-chat functionality with easy appointment scheduling features for follow-up sessions  for both participants


Advanced admin management dashboard to have an overview of all calendar schedules and bookings in the pipeline


Spurwing provides a ton of free & great resources to train and education teams.


Generate custom reports for all aspects of your business to maintain insights into your business, finances, and client care

E-Commerce & Retail

Support Your Clients
With Premium Tools

  • Scheduling and Calendar Integrations on your websites and/or apps
  • Exclusive Chat Bots with integrated scheduling features
  • Exclusive Speech-to-Text features for "wow" buying experiences
  • Easy Remote & International operations, we take care of Time Zones and Daylight Savings
  • Multiple calendars for all team members
  • Two-way calendar sync with third party providers
scheduling api for retail
E-Commerce & Retail

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