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Before Spurwing, ChatBot solutions were missing is the ability to schedule appointments.

chat bot scheduling api

Eliminate Human Error
Improve Productivity

Save Time

Before Spurwing, ChatBots focused solely on helping clients get answers to their questions. What most solutions miss is the ability to allow users to schedule appointments with support members or (technical) sales experts.

Increase revenue

ChatBots do a great job in answer some elementary questions that users are seeking. But when the question hasn't been answered the user is usually redirected to a contact page. When live chat isn't available, we could let users make a priority appointment with a support or sales rep instead.

Improve outcomes

Ongoing 24/7 support is expected in our highly competitive business landscape. But not every business can keep up that pace. With integrated scheduling in your chatbot, you can easily compete with giants that provide live 24/7 support.

scheduling api chat bot integrations

Draw outside the lines

Discord & Slack chatbots for Team Collaborations
Live chat plugins such as Intercom and Amazon Lex
Facebook Messenger ChatBot for your business
Skype ChatBot to help manage clients
WhatsApp ChatBot to stay more focused

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