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Getting Started

Spurwing provides a Premium Scheduling API for enterprises.

Setting up your Spurwing Account is a piece of cake as well. All settings and configurations are self-explanatory. Just in case you get confused, our engineering team is available 24/7 for you.

Scheduling bot demo

A glimpse into our Scheduling Bot for Discord.
Similar solutions are available for Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon Lex, Intercom and many others.

Chat bots, Live-chat and real-time communication tools generally lack built-in scheduling & booking functionalities. Spurwing bridges this gap.

Team Collaboration

Prototyping a Team Availability Tool for remote & international team members which can be spread across different time zones.

The big shift in Remote Work & Work from Home cultures forces many businesses to innovate & reinvent their tooling & management practices. Spurwing can help you realize just that in matter of days, not months.


Use your voice to control scheduling tools in real-time in the browser.

Voice enabled solutions are very popular and in high demand due to the convenience and accessibility they provide, especially on mobile devices.

Free Marketplace

Our Github-based open source & completely free marketplace contains a ton of demos, projects, integration codes and SDKs for our API.

Dev Blog

A lot of tutorials, guides & demos are showcased on our DEV blog. Subscribe and read our free & premium posts today.


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