Benefits of using a Scheduling API

Use our enterprise ready, fully tested and secure Time Management Systems for integrating calendaring and scheduling features into your products.

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Automate Appointment Scheduling

Spurwing helps you save time, syncs calendars and eliminates manual bookings. Build features, solutions and full-range products for your business or clients faster than ever before.

Simplified Scheduling

Manage unlimited appointments and events with our Enterprise Scheduling API. Guaranteed integration into your website or project in less than 14 days.

More than just bookings

Spurwing is an all-in-one product for Time Management features. We are not "yet another booking widget" but the backbone for large scale projects.

Any Application

At Spurwing we provide an extensive open-source marketplace with tools, SDKs, SaaS, CRM, ERP, CMS and payment integrations.


Focus on building products and features

At Spurwing we already took care of all the complexities of time scheduling, calendar management, time zone management, daylight savings, email/sms/app notifications and more.

Scheduling Marketplace

We help you save time. Our open source marketplace contains a ton of "done for you" tools, widgets, developer tools, integrations and example codes.

Extensive API

The Spurwing API provides you with all the necessary scheduling and calendaring features. Stop reinventing the wheel and pulling your hair due to time zones, traffic scaling, reminders, daylight savings and other complexities.

One Size Fits All

Our API fits any project no matter the scale and size, from startup prototypes to large scale corporate organizations. You pay only what you use and need.

Keep your brand

We are a full white-label solution. Our tools do not promote our brand, you can fully customize & style all user interfaces to perfectly blend in with your brand.
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Take Control of Your Time

Enterprise Ready Scheduling

We already have all the time management features your business or project needs, save your time and money on reinventing the wheel.

Advanced Time Management

The Spurwing API allows you to manage multiple calendars from a single interface. Manage all your teams' calendars, save valuable time of manually arranging appointments using our existing solutions - and simplify rescheduling and cancellations.

Centralize all Appointments

Stay informated of all bookings within your organisation, all from one single centralized dashboard. Synchronize all the members' calendars in two-ways to make it work with all external apps, tools and websites out of the box.

Every industry has custom and complex scheduling requirements

No matter your industry and requirements,
our engineers can realize it.

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Working in a Team?

Scheduling API for Devs, Engineers & Teams

Spurwing is an API-first company, our priority is to provide developer-friendly engineering tools, SDKs, demos, examples and tutorials.

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