Our API Makes Adding Scheduling Quick, Reliable and Scalable

Spurwing's API makes it easy to add robust scheduling and booking to your application. We power millions of appointment bookings for thousands of companies, from marketplaces to SaaS and healthcare.

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Save Time By Not Worrying About Daylight Savings Time

Scheduling is hard, and full of edge cases. We've spent the past five years building an API that handles every one. We handle all the complexities, and provide a powerful API and open-source widgets. Focus on what makes your business unique, and let us handle the boring parts. You can go live with an integration in less than 14 days.

“Spurwing has been life-changing for us.
The API enabled us to launch in just a couple of weeks, and we've since grown with it, to millions of annual revenue."
Designed for Developers

An API That's A Joy To Use

Battle-tested by ten million appointment bookings, the Spurwing API is reliable, feature-rich, and easy to work with. Build your integration using our open-source widgets, or make it completely from scratch.

Demo code snippet of how Spurwing's API works
What You Get


Secure and Compliant

Spurwing was built from the ground up to be HIPAA-compliant. All data is encrypted, stored at SOC-2 certified facilities, is fully audit logged.

Fully Branded

All your use of Spurwing -- even our pre-built widgets and email templates -- can be fully whitelabeled. Place your brand front and center, with no mention of us.

Synced Up

Our API includes two-way sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal. We also one-click add-to-calendar links for every appointment.

Automated Notifications

Spurwing can automatically send booking confirmations on reminders on your behalf, via e-mail and SMS. Customize our templates, or disable them entirely and send your own.

Time Zones & DST

Do you know that Indiana started observing Daylight Savings in 2006? No? Well with Spurwing you won't need to. We handle it all for you.

Friendly Support

All our plans come with developer and product support. We're available via email or chat, and are even happy to join your team's Slack channel.

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